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Terminator 2 - Hot Mode number 9! :)

DCT Slot Channel

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@DCT Slot Channel first of all its nice to see you posting up a big win DCT. Not seen you for a while. Welcome back.

And back with a hotmode, pure class. Every time i watch a hotmode video it just gets better. As you no a hotmode is up thare with the best bonuses in slots. In my eyes it is. 

Bonus was ok DCT playing a 0.60 euro bet size, bonus was ok until the 2 nd last spin when big arnie finally showed up. I love the clip. ( i need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle ). Class. 

It piled on an extra 128.78 euro to the bonus. Bit of a shame the last spin was a dead spin DCT.  But overall big congratz on winning 281.46 euro in the hotmode. Great post and enjoy the win.??.

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