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4000+ spins to get this bonanza bonus XD


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My record is Knight's Life.  The first bonus I ever got on it took just under 4000 spins.  Wierdly enough though, it didn't wreck my balance at all.  I was down maybe 250x.  Basegame sustain on that slot is amazing at times.  When I got the bonus it was 20x. 

I have probably made profit on the slot over time though.  My suggestion with these long-winded bonus slots is to start at 25-50% of your normal stake for a while, until you feel like you can raise it after a heavy amount of spins.  With bonanza I plan for 500 spins.  Starting low, I raise after 200 spins, then 400, with the last 100 being a bit higher.  Hopefully you hit the bonus in a decent stake.  You can always mix it up a bit too. 

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