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1007x clutch on magic mirror 2 and had a "good day"


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I got a 1007x on magic mirror but I was so angry about because the day before I spent 200 trying to get the bonus to drop.

Deposited £10 win no winns till I had £3.40 left. I though Fuck it might as well sacrifice to the rng god for next time.  25 spin latter the bonus drops. It drops the girl as the expanding wild and I legitemetly hoped to get nothing. 2nd to last spin girls drop and I was just done. 1058201047_clutchbutanger.thumb.png.422d0ba1b3cd1078cfc4ffe0ea13d164.png

Afterwards I kept playing after withdrawing 50 and got 79x on 300 shields with 1.25 bet and 614x on knight's life with 25p bet. 

Today total withdrawl was £200 and it all started from £10 and a "lucky" spin on magic mirror


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