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That twitch lurker OakyP / 0AKH3ART


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Pretty sure afew of you will have seen my name lurking around (mostly mr.labowsky's twitch! :P ) , decided to take part more in the community rather than just posting some win pictures!

<this is in no-way self promotion but if anybody wants to come chat when the casinogrounds guys aren't streaming and witness some extreme low-stake rolling / chill vibes you can find me on twitch, just message me for the url! :)>


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1 hour ago, Craig smith said:

@0AKH3ART good to have you around and i no you have been posting for quite some time. Casinogrounds is a community and its a good place for people and players who enjoy gambling. ?.

Aye and you craig bro! Majority are mature and enjoy it responsibly, I can get behind that, cheers man! :)

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