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Saturday - A profitable day


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So, I have been away visiting my dad in Australia after he was taken in to hospital with pneumonia so have not been able to play any slots.  I was playing the free rolls on Videoslots like I do, nothing nicer than free spins to potentially give a monetary return.  I won 50 Free Spins on Secret of the Stones which after playing paid £22, I switched to Gold Cup and was just spinning away on 5p spins and had a near full screen (1 missing) of the Footballer symbol which paid out £200.  Now I have a balance to work with as with other wins I was up to £225.

I thought I would try out that new Push Gaming game Wild Swarm, 40p stake and after 134 spins I had a chest pop up with x Bet Level and a Bee Hive, I picked and it gave me the Bee Hive and that was the second part of what turns in to a HUGE Pay Day.

I will not bore you with the rest of the events but will post them via screenshot.  All told I ended up with £11.5k of withdrawals and a £3k still in my balance.







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Really nice to see merkur / novomatic's paying massive! I had a small cashout from novomatics myself yesterday too! :) I dream of a hit like that on Knights Life. Plannign on spending it on something nice for yourself!? I'd say cashout another 2k and use 1k in the slots! :P 

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Thank you @0AKH3ART I rarely play Novomatics other than Fairy Queen, this was only the second time I have played Captain Venture and was the first time getting a bonus on it.  I have just a new extension built on the back of my house so some of it will go towards buying the furniture for it, my cars Service and MoT are due so it pays for that also.  No fear of me depositing it all back in to the slots though as I only play with a £30 deposit limit a week, it lets me have fun playing the slots and keeps me able to play the Free Roll Battles on Videoslots.

The balance that I still have in there will just let me keep playing, if it goes it goes, after all it all came from 50 Free Spins on Secret Of The Stones.

Thank you @Craig smith as you may remember from the last post I made with the T2 Hot Mode win, I do like to give a little background of how it came about.  My dad is doing well thank you, he was almost back to full health when I had to come back.
@Craig smith

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