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Huge win on Bonus Buy (White Rabbit) is this the one though?


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@SuperSmask was brilliant bonus smask. I had the pleasure of watching this live and it was a good one.

3 retriggers and 3 queen reels were in play and the other two reels were at 10 and 11 just waiting for a cupcake to give another retrigger. It didn't come unfortunately for you mario. You had 6 to 7 spins at reel 1 for the 4 th retrigger and the bucket list was getting mentioned. I think you wanted 4 queen reels for a tick off that list.

I thought the retrigger that gave you 12 extra spins was a beauty. It set up such a cracker of a win. 

You were on a big bet stream and it was good. But white rabbit set it up with a awesome 800 euro win from a 0.50 euro buy. 

That 2 nd last spin of the 45 whare you hit queens and other symbols really capped the whole bonus off.

Well done smask. Enjoy your win.???.

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