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The Golden Horse Mane $$$ INSANE RUN!! $$$


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Sorry but this run needs some story...   A small bullet was going with 200% bonus. Was going okay. Winning some and wagering.

Though after a while, as the Horse, why not try the Golden Mane game.

3 mins in, feature came and the madness started. Bonusses keep coming and coming by the feature, and here is the run I had in around 30 mins on this CRAZY machine!

Start: 19:44 CET

1st bonus: 19:47 - 1110,50 DKK (148x)
2nd bonus: 19:56 - 3233 DKK (215x)
3rd bonus: 20:07 - 2454 DKK (163x)
4th bonus: 20:10 - 3588 DKK (239x)
5th bonus: 20:25 - 970 DKK (32x)

I should have raised much sooner, but well.. cant complain :)
After this, the machine was empty, and didnt give me more then this, but what a run. A total win of 11355,5 DKK within ~30 mins time, was insane!
I have to say that the horses are with me on this one.. hehe :D 

My wagering went on and ended with completing the wagering and made a cashout of 7000 DKK. Happy Horse day :D !

'May the horses be with you'






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