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so how was your day


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@asmeister congratz on two super wins. Thanks for posting them up. The top one im not sure what slot it is but 1672 euro win is sweet.

Very sweet. The hit on the 4 explorers is very nice to. Book of dead is great fun when playing well. On 4 euro bet size that is a big payout coming right thare. Well done and enjoy the winnings asmeister.??.

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didn't quite hit the wildline, but the star came up a few times on the 5th so it made a nice 900x. Had a few hundred in the account where I took out the upper ones, thought I'd go big or go home and this happened. Can't really be this lucky all the time.


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@asmeister awesome win. Dead or alive is in the classic bracket of slots. Been around a long time but still is very popular with players.

A lot of the time the bonuses are rubbish or ok. But the real gold lies in hitting a wildline. Its why alot of players play it on 0.90 p or 0.90 euro a spin and downwards right down to 0.09 p or 0.09 euro a spin.

Its just crazy volatile when hitting a wildline.

On your win asmeister it's a beauty without a wildline as you say. Its a great set up with the wilds on the bottom line. Connecting you to reel 5.

Your playing a very good stake in 4.50 euro a spin and man if a wildline had dropped it would have been massive.

But its paid really really well with the set up you have. 4057 euro is some hit. As you say it connected with the star quite a few times and i think it is the highest paying symbol ? Correct me if im wrong thare asmeister. Thanks.

Overall its always nice to comment on a big win from dead or alive. From netent its stood the test of time and can compete with the big boys on its bonus if a wildline is hit.

Enjoy your win asmeister. Good post.???.

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