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[RESOLVED] Thrills Casino 'compensation'


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First off, I'm new here and first time posting, so hi.

I signed up to Thrills tonight and have been playing for a few hours. I was playing on
Arctic Frost and I got the bonus on a £1 stake with 34 free spins and 3x multiplier, yay... right?

Well, this is when the game froze, I waited, reloaded the game and it wouldn't load.
I got onto live chat and as I am typing this I'm still talking with the nice guy on the chat.
He couldn't fix the issue himself and suggested he could load me spins onto a NetEnt game
of my choice. I loaded the game up, saw it was free spins in the base game and I didn't
check the stake (I'm presuming lowest). I said I wasn't happy with that as compensation,
quite rightly so I think, no where near an equal trade. He's talking to the tech support now
and that's where I'm up to. 

I didn't use any of the free spins he gave me because I didn't want to lose my own spins if they said
that because I accepted them I can't have mine back, or something like that. I have a screenshot of the bonus game as
it froze. I always do this when a game freezes, just for safety and have a transcript of my live chat with this
gentleman, because, why not. 

Any thoughts. comments, suggestions? 

Thanks for reading, peace.

He has escalated the issue, said it can take up to 48 hours for a resolution
and I should hear from them by email

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Im sorry to say thrills really really sucks when it comes to customer support.

im vip and have been that for years.

i have a contact "person" who never Answers any emails, i then email loyalty and they dont even bother answering.. 

they gave a good christmas gift even though they gave me "wrong" should have been a go pro 5 camera, when i got it i had become a go pro 5 mini camera version not the one they Said.. well atleast they compensated it with cash..

anyhow they used to give vip players 10-20 super spins usually 1euro Spin each month but nowdays they give shit offers to "vip" even though there christmas gift beat LeoVegas christmas gift by a mile..

leo vegas still beat thrills customer support by a 1000% thrills handles payments slow as fuck compared to Leo vegas vip support. A tip is to make revdrawls on thrills by the 200euro amount make as many as u want since that amount Will be payed directly automatically.  If u make a Redrawl above they have to get it approved.. and that takes ages.

I would say Leo Vegas best customer support , thrills probably worst..

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They are all crooks, remember that. And also, do not even bother complaining, as your complaints will end up in their trash bins or amongst their deleted emails. When you lose the money, they are nice and pleasant, but when it comes to winning or even a slightest possibility of winning, they will do everything to avoid helping the punter. 

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