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How about a cruise?


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How about planning a cruise with all the casino grounds streamers. Or at least the ones that can.

We could go in as group and maybe get a group rate on rooms. I know the cruise ship casino hosts on carnival and Norwegian.  Maybe get the casino to have a slot tournament for use. Maybe reserve a blackjack table so viewers can play with the streamers like kim or paul.

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I need some suggestions as.to where everyone would like to go as in Mediterranean,  Caribbean,  Bermuda.  Ect .ect. Then I can call and see about group rate for everyone interested.  

Also give me a time frame or time of year everyone would to go.

Kim ask everyone on stream to see how many would be interested in a meet like this.  

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I think a Mediterranean cruise would be the best option since that would probably be the most affordable option for most viewers and streamers. I don't know if mediterranean cruise ships offer a good variety of gambling options, like decent slots and table games? Caribbean cruise ships on the other hand offer some quite large casinos I believe. 

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Well we kinda need a to set a time frame.  Then contact the cruise lines and see if any will give us a good rate. Another suggestion would be for the streamers to question there casino and see if any of them might have ties with a cruise line. 

Once we get an idea of when and where.  Some of us could start doing the research as to our best options. 

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What stops people perhaps contributing is going to be the cost factor. Cruises are not cheap, especially if you're considering the Caribbean. It gets even dearer if you travel on your own because you end up paying for the cabin by yourself.

Even a Med cruise is going to set you back £1,000 not taking into account other expenses such as drinks and of course, gambling money!

Sorry but don't want to sound negative but something to bare into mind.

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