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Leovegas reserving money


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Hi twice now in less then 1 month Leovegas has reserved the same amount as my withdraw during weekends. Like yesterday Saturday night made a withdrawal of 240 euro. Checked my credit card and it says Leovegas buy 240 euro. Same thing happend a month ago 300 euro withdrawa 300 dissappears from my credit card. The money is coming back and I get my winnings but that's not a good enough reason for reserving money that has nothing to do with me playing. 

Anyone else notice this? 



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Yea and that happend to me the first time made a deposit for 50 Euro had around 300 euro on the card.

Won up to 300 euro made a withdraw and the next ting my card is empty. All the money is gone and neither Leo or my bank knows why...

Leo says i been scamed My bank says its from leovegas but only as a reservation they have not taken the money.

So there i was Saturday with a familiy that needed food and no money. 

Monday morning everything including the win was on the card like nothing had happend.

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@Idelexplorer im surprized in reading what you have posted. I would say that normally when i make a deposit to a casino i have to enter the 3 digits on the back of my bank card.

And for bigger deposits it sends me to a secure private password that is an extra layer of security.

What i mean is these things are a safety barrier between money leaving my account.

I am really surprized that a casino would be able to dip into your bank, card, credit card, and take money like that without your concent. Then reserve it.

So if you win say 2000 euro the same thing will happen ? If you withdraw on weekends, they will reserve 2000 euro. ?

That puts the player in an almost impossible situation if 2000 euro is going to leave your account until your withdrawl is processed.

This is the first time i have heard of this happening.

This is something that i feel you need to find out a bit deeper why this is happening.

It may just be your account and a glitch. Which needs to be sorted by the casino.?.

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2 minutes ago, Idelexplorer said:

Only happens when i make a withdraw to my credit card never if i use trustly.

But as you say this is a major bug that they need to fix.

Good luck and its something i would be onto leo vegas about just to clarify and get a clear answer. So you no in your own mind exactly why this happens.?.

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@Craig smith Just talked to both the bank in this case Nordea. And Leovegas 

Nordea Blames Leo and can clearly see that they are requesting the money as a reservation, but not taking it.

Leo says as follow, 

Idel: Why are you reserving money after making a withdraw with a credit card?

Josefin "leovegas": What bank are you using?

Idel: Nordea

Josefin "leo": Oh well that happens to all of there clients. Its there fault not ours.

Idel: Okey, so what happens if its like a Big win like 1000 euro?

Josefin "leo": Same thing dosent matter how much money.

Chat is in swedish so i made a rough translate.


Chat started on 27 May 2018, 12:42 PM (GMT+0)


*** Mattias joined the chat ***


Mattias: Varför reserverar ni ens vinster på mitt credit kort? Gjorde ett uttag igår till mitt mastercard och precis efter står de att jag har köpt hos er för precis samma summa som mitt uttag. Detta är andra gången på typ 6 veckor detta händer. Ska man behöva kräva ränta från er eller?


*** Josephine joined the chat ***


Josephine: Hejsan, vilken bank har du?


Mattias: Nordea


Josephine: Alla som har Nordea råkar ut för samma sak och det är på grund av Nordea och inte oss.


Josephine: Tyvärr kan jag inte hjälpa dig ta bort det på något vis


Mattias: Låter helt sinnessjukt. Vad händer om de är en riktigt stor vinst? typ 100.000 kr?


Josephine: Samma sak tyvärr! Sen regleras det.


*** Mattias left the chat ***

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@Idelexplorer well you have asked both parties involved and you have got an answer from leo that i make it to be it must be in there T+C's if you are with that bank.

Thats the procedure they are going to use regardless of how much you withdraw.

I feel your kinda stuck with that one. And the bank has just not really been interested. Passed it back to leo vegas.

Your in the position if you use the bank you have mentioned  in your post you cannot withdraw from leo vegas at weekends.

You are going to have the procedure that has happened implimented. Thats about what it comes to.

You either accept that and keep playing at leo vegas but do not withdraw on weekends if you are using that bank and that way of transfer, money wise.

Or you dont use that method of transfer and keep playing at leo vegas.

Or you move to another casino which i think is the last decision.

Overall i think you should stay with leo vegas and just adhere to there T+C's.

It is a bit of a shame that there withdrawl procedure to your bank is affected that way on weekends.

Its a casino and they will stick to there T+C's although they do have descretion in certain circumstances depending on whatever has happened.

Casino's always have that reserved right.

I commend yourself for taking the time to try and find out more and get an answer and come back here and post what has transpired up for all to see.

Good luck to you and just remember that on weekends if you have won, and want to withdraw this procedure will happen if you use your bank.

So leave the withdrawl to the monday and lock it down.

Then withdrawl will take place from monday.

Thats the best advice i can give you idelexplorer. Good luck to you???.

Craig smith.

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