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Above 1000x, im still shaking... My biggest win so far :D


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@LuckyP well done on a wonderful series of wins, gamble to 20 spins the 1 st time, stop, good payout.

2 nd time all the way to 24 spins, great bonus, x23 and 2750 euro win. On your buy stake which is heavy at 300 euro i can see your going after it.

That 2 nd bonus has set it up to give you a clear big balance to really have a go.

Nice connection with purple chillies for a cascade payout of nearly 1500 euro i think it was.. But a cracking bonus number 2 was.

I will add that taking the 20 spins on the 1 st bonus was the right decision.

Based on your balance to stake to buy level. Its a kicker you needed to get going. Well done.

Bonus 3 gamble to 20 and you were tempted but made the right decision again. A 8 euro stake and a 400 euro buy is heavy money.

A lot of dead spins in this bonus but all it took was a golden spin 19 which was 10's everywhare cascading into 9's right across for nearly 2800 euro payout.

Beautiful to watch. Overall x13 multiplyer and 3200 euro bonus.

Bonus 4- gamble to 20 spins. Was a 10 euro stake, 500 euro buy. But your balance eases the anxiety of going that high.

Ok bonus upto spin 19 whare jacks dropped for 1400 euro. A x21 multiplyer and a 2700 odd euro bonus.

What a run. Beautiful run. 20 spins, 24 spins, 20 spins, 20 spins.

Your stake after buying your 1 st bonus was about 460 euro left.

At the finish your balance is 8754 euro.

Super congratulations on your win. I enjoyed your video. And enjoy your winnings.????.

I noticed you put the stake upto 15 euro a spin just at the end of the video. I thought you were going to buy again for 750 euro.

Great stuff luckyP. ENJOY?.

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