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Behold the holy grail, white rabit big win!!


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So i deposited 30 euro on highroller, played around a little went up to 60.

Then i was going to play just one 10 euro bonus buy on white rabbit...

It payed 7 euro, for some reason i decided to go one more on 20 euro bonus buy and then this happened?


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@barneveld4 you are right in saying the holy grail. Its right on it in what you have achieved on white rabbit.

All 5 queen reels unlocked. Congrats on that. It takes a bit of luck with the cupcakes.

Also when you get the extra spins from the rabbit with the clock you need a bit of luck thare to.

But for a 0.20 euro buy its dreamland. 46 spins. Gems flying around everywhare with each win. And a really good payout of 586 euro's.

Very nice. Thanks for posting it up and enjoy your winnings???.

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Thanks craig, supersmask, i was playing it on my old phone so at the point all queen reels unlocked it was laggy as hell, the whole bonus took probably 20 minutes, slow reels all over the place, the true holy grail haha.

Quick update on the winnings, dreamcatcher took it all, whats new right...

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