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Big Win in Captain Venture 5 Lines!


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@Huggehugg nice to see a post hugster. Captain venture not seen it up on the forum for a while so its nice to see.

Interesting hugge playing 5 lines for 2 kr per line, stake 10 kr., 5 lines, 0.20 euro per line, 1 euro stake. I understand hugge playing that way.

Bonus drops. 18 spins, good start. Going well then retrigger spin 11. A very nice 18 spins again. 200 kr on the retrigger.

20 euro per 3 triggers. Nice hit spin 20 for 512kr. About 51 euro. Got a few dead spins hugge but a nice bonus overall. 36 spins for a win of 2426 kr, about 240 euro.

Good post hugge but sad to hear your still ripping and no cashout. Slots are a bit dead. I saw a bit of supersmask's stream and the slots were dead. He commented on it at the time.

They just are not paying. Cold spell hugge. It will turn. I hope when i visit the site next you have hit a huge win.

3000 euro type win.????.

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