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Roshsteins chat messages contains 80-99% viewerbot messages


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Hi again guys, while grinding some bonanza i usually check by by the most famous actor on twitch stream.

today i noticed some messages in his chat were kinda strange and repeated or out of context.

started digging, checked some of those viewer profiles. 

a pattern started , every single 1 of the strange message writers was following 1000+ people on twitch (odd isnt it lol?)

He literally has programmed some of these viewerbots to write his name, "how u doing Ishmael" and shit lol, "dont gamble" , bet "big" and shit like that to make it look legit haha.

So he sometimes literally is answering normal questions to a fucking BOT, or lets say most of the time hes talking to his viewerbots.

by the looks of it 80-90% of his stream consists off viewer bots and rest are his bitch mods and some retards who actually have accounts on multilotto (MULTILOTTO LOL) grinding points.....

the most amusing part about this was when i checked all this and was digging, he was talking to some of his "REAL VIEWERS" how hes thinking to get a twitch sub button and how he should go by doing it KAPPA, 1 message from me to a  friend on twitch staff nullifed his chances sadly with some of this evidence, and maybe a perma ban if they find the source. but by the looks of it since he himself literally has written what the bots should say, we might see no more roshshitstain on twitch . ;D

here are some of the viewerbots active currently in his chat,  if your in doubt!









https://www.twitch.tv/max_the_king1117        1 of this bots chat messages ( max_the_king1117 : @Roshtein I signed up with your bonus code, what is the minimum deposit to use the bonus? ) UNREAL LOL



noone follows 1k+ ppl on twitch, .....then especially 50+ ppl in same persons chat 

these are just the ones i found in 3 minute digging, there were some that lookd like bot messages whom followed noone also.

as im sure he has them on rotation to chat when and what.

Does anyone know where he lives in malta and is his "bussiness" real he talks about? 



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4 minutes ago, Nicola said:

Well, I know one thing for sure (as I got a memo today from the Gambling Commission)

Multilotto have applied for a UK license, so they must be making some money!

well not from the actors pocket atleast <,<

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and an answer from some of his mods is "someone is doing this to him to destroy his channel", okay yeah lets throw 200-500 euros a week to destroy someones channel lol. cus the current viewbots that aint detected aint cheep.


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