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Hey all i've started putting up a short series of videos that show a few of the big bets i've made recently with big win out comes. Some are obviously better than others but all are worth a look. Got a few big ones coming in the next few days. (slow progress going through them and editing while having no time at the moment to do so) They should come out once a day for the next 14 ish days so feel free to subscribe to the channel here at Locrianslots and follow along. I'll be trying to make a mental note and through the links for the videos so far on here as well incase subscribing ain't your thing. All in all had some very decent luck with bigger bets lately so taking a break now to sort stuff out and decide what to do next.

A few videos so far -








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@Bendelonge good luck in what your doing with your editing etc. It will take up time to do it all. Good luck.

I enjoyed book of dead on £10 on queens winning £1200. With a nice full screen. Just playing 5 lines.2 coins per line at £1 line bet. Well done.

Bonanza was brilliant. 22 spins to start with, on a £10 stake. Getting to x20 on the multiplyer, good series with the red gems then jacks for £1700 odd im sure. Overall bonus of £3500. Beautiful win.

Bonanza 2 nd video jeeeso that was good. £10 stake,  A +5 to start with so 17 spins. Then a double retrigger on your 2 nd spin. 4 trollys with gold bars stacked at the top. First time i have ever seen that. Man these games can do serious things. An extra 10 spins. Making it a 27 spin bonus. Great to watch. A x23 multiplyer reached. 2 nd last spin a cool £1100 odd to bounce your bonus to a very sweet £4661. Awesome. BTG thankyou for coming along and providing these insanely volatile slots.?.

Book of ra deluxe 6, on a £10 stake. Best symbol out of the 10, jack, queen, king, area. You get Aces,. 4 aces showed up a few times during your bonus. And a 5 which was really sweet. Couple of teases at retriggers but never happened. Overall bonus of £2372.50. Pretty good bonus.

Overall bendelonge very enjoyable 4 video's on your bonuses. What i would say is keep them coming, and i wish you the best of luck in your editing, well done on your wins and they are some serious wins. Have a nice break and Enjoy your winnings.????.



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@Craig smith Hey thanks for the good luck :) yeah i'm not going to lie some of these wins are just nice wins, the kind of wins where it's just a decent amount to get back (not massive x times stake but just a case of a yep i'm happy with that) i will say i've got one or two that have a very lucky hit in them for a big bet. Those ones are on way. Ha yeah some of the Bonanza stuff is just insane when it comes to the set up of it, like being on a £10 stake and having  4 scatter retrigger in the bonus. Things like that rarely happen so to have it on a big bet was pretty nice, it's just a shame that because of all the chances there was one mega hit but still who am i to complain :) Thinking about it what i may do is just add video from the youtube series on to this thread, that way at least there all in one place.


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@Bendelonge nice video on extra chilli. Although i do think it could have been more the way it played out. I enjoyed it none the less.

No retrigger is one thing that i was hoping to see. But to start on 24 spins, as high as you can go. A good stake in £2.

You had a nice series from x5 all the way to x10 in cascades, the next spin was a cracker, purple chillies then a lot of kings for £843,

the biggest miss was 4 th last spin if it had connected with a green chilli on reel 2 it would have been huge. I think you were x17 or x18 at that point.

Overall getting to x20 on the multiplyer, just over £1200 win i think it could have been a lot more.

You had 5 dead spins in a row at 1 point and i rekon about 10 dead spins alltogether. That makes an awful lot of difference.

The green chilli miss ah man i think your up near 2500 overall if that connected.

Well done on your win and thanks for putting the video up.???.

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@Bendelonge another enjoyable video. A few server interuptions but got thare in the end.

£20 spin stake, heavy stake, 17 spin start. Spin 5 you hit queens then 9's leading into kings for a whopping £2940. Very nice series,

spin 12 ended up with good cascades leading to a £1960 win. It did spin you out a bit at the end but i feel you got everything you could have from the bonus. My gut feeling.

£6155 bonus and a x15 multiplyer reached. Super win. The video's are great bendelonge.

Thankyou to BTG for providing such volatile slots. Changed the face of gaming when they came along, slots anyway.

Congrats on your win, enjoy your winnings.???.

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@Craig smith Yeah i've found that recently a lot of the bonuses that i've had have had that issue with server interruptions. Theres about two or three videos that have basically been killed by it, luckily they weren't massive wins to be fair so wasn't a massive loss, but yeah not great considering how regularly it's happening. Yeah to be fair wasn't a bad bonus felt like there was a few spins that could have been more impressive had it not spun dead spin after dead spins a few times. More than happy with it though. boosts the balance in all fairness. think i'll probably start a new thread for the rest of the videos otherwise, this one is probably going to be a bit overwhelming and no one wants to sit and plow through video after video when they're on the same thread. Well i imagine anyway. but i'll link back to this one as a part one.

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