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Bingo.com confiscated €2600 without reasoning


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So I am having a massive issue with bingo. Played with their 500% bonus up to 5000KR, deposited, played and withdrew €3100. They spent 14 days verifiying my account, before it was finally verified. When I made the withdrawal of €3100, it was accepted, then returned to my account, and €2600 was removed. I have been in 8 different live chats, asking why it's been removed, and they are all telling me I broke the bonus rules. I try and ask HOW I broke them, but they keep repeating the rules I broke was that I broke the bonus rules. This is a big fucking joke, does anyone know how I can solve this?

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@Sinister_gg horrible situation you are in. The laws and regulations and changes in T+C's across the board is actually quite hard to keep up with.

Its a shame that so many players whether its casino or bingo sites get cought out by taking a bonus and breaching T+C's mostly unknown to the player that they have done so.

It leads to so many heartache storys and sometimes the player dosen't get paid there winnings and sometimes they do.

For yourself first keep calm, if you can and i no its not easy. Keep at bingo.com, ask them for a printout of what exactly it is you have breached.

And what i hope is if its a tiny infraction on bonus terms you have made, and at the time unknown to you. Bingo.com should take your issue/complaint higher, and what i hope is that they show good faith and pay you your winnings in full.

Stay with it and take it as high as you can get it to the people upstairs so to speak. Its quite a bit of money you are talking about here.

When you get a difinitive answer from bingo.com and you have not done anything wrong and they still will not pay you your money.

Then get other people involved. eCOGRA, your local citizens advice, even go to the papers with it. Get any type of help you can.

But if you have breached there T+C's and they show you absaloute proof you may have to accept it. As painful as it will be.

Or bingo.com have it at thare discretion whether to pay you or not.

You are not the first and will not be the last to get tied up in a bonus infringement and have your winnings not paid.

As i say its getting more and more complicated regarding bonuses. They do help alot but wharever you are playing at there T+C's play a big part.

I hope your efforts turn out to be good and you get paid your winnings. Sorry for the long comment. But i wish you the best of luck.

Craig smith.

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