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Book of dead , hotter than hot


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@kretz1 nice run kretz on the book. Great slot/game when its playing hot. 4 bonuses, al start with

number 1- 9 kr bet size, balance at 960 kr,  jacks, 1 full screen, 10 spins, win 1147.50 kr, nice.

Number 2- balance 2026.55 kr, 9 kr bet size, retrigger, 20 spins, egyptian eagle symbol, no full screen, win 1111.50 kr, nice.

Number 3- balance 3120.05 kr, 9 kr bet size, 10 spins, queens, no full screen, win 576 kr, nice.

Number 4- balance 3559.55 kr, 12 kr bet size, 10 spins, jacks again, no full screen, win 600 kr. 

Put your balance up to round about 4160 kr. Sweet run kretz. Good post and you enjoy your winnings.???. I have no hearts left or i would drop one at your post. Used up my allowance this morning?

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