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Some hits from this weekend!


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@Salamigoat well what can i say and whare do i start. First off i can see you have just joined casinogrounds, these wins are your very 1 st post. Quite an entrance. Welcome to the site, i hope you enjoy all it has to offer.

Lucky ladys charm deluxe a great slot/game. Its in the classic bracket. I can see you got a nice win of 3680 credits. Could break down into 368 euro's.

Correct me if i am wrong thare. I see bet 10 and 1 kr.  To the right hand side. Thats why i think its 368 euro bonus. Either way super win on a classic slot,.

Next up kronos which is nice to see because i have not seen or commented on it for a good bit of time, on a 20.00 kr bet size winning 6925.50 kr is a very sweet win. I will say 2 euro bet size winning 690 odd euro, the bonus must have really went good to win what you did. Nice to see.

Next up book of stars. Super novomatic with the extra bet ring playing a massive part in your win. I always say full screens and 5 scatters are a welcomed sight.

Your full screen is a beautiful picture and you got a super win of 7500 kr on a 12.50 kr bet size. Again i will go for a 750 euro win on a 1.25 euro bet size just on that spin alone. Very nice.

Overall bonus i can see with 2 retriggers paid 9230 which al go for a 920 odd euro bonus on a 1.25 euro stake. Exellent win. 

Overall 3 super wins and im pleased you took the time to come to casinogrounds and post them up, also join up. Welcome again.

Please forgive my numbers if i am wrong with euro's etc. I try my best to work out wins in euro's. From sek, kr, dkk, nok. If its in pounds its easy because i am british. 

So please correct me if i am wrong. Im getting better at it and learning what the transfer rate generally is.

One of the great things about casinogrounds is you will see wins posted up by people from all different european countries.

Overall sorry for the long comment. Super congrats on all your wins. Enjoy your winnings???.


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