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Casino Big Win 1000x (Terminator II)


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Hey my name is kevin and I'm from germany. I won 1200€ in the slot terminator 2 and played with 1,20€. I would like to be a part of the next casinogrounds community episode. I missed to record the beginning of my scatter because I had 3 bad ones before ^^ but you can see how I win the 700€ until 1200€ - have fun!




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@kevtv well done on your win, hitting hot mode on T2. Its a great bonus if you can get it. Almost every win is a big win or a good win.

Also the music and pictures of the film terminator 2 that it shows you on wins is a very cool addition to the bonus.

Good video of your win, i could hear you were really happy in the background which is nice. On a 1.20 euro stake winning 1201 euro's is a very nice win.

You got a really sweet hit on sarah conner i think it was your 3 rd or 4 th last spin that paid 294 euro for that spin.

Overall congrats, thanks for posting it up and you enjoy your winnings.???.

Also i can see this is your 1 st post on casinogrounds site. A very good first post at that.

Welcome to casinogrounds, post up big, epic wins, talk about anything casino related. And enjoy what the site has to offer. ?.

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@kevtv your welcome kev, its nice to see you here in casinogrounds.

Its a site that i found back near the start of feb 2018 and i started to really enjoy commenting and seeing people win,

i dont keep very good health and take it a day at a time, but i have always had a love of gambling, 

i have finally found something i am ok at, commenting on peoples wins. Although at times i do find it hard to get round everybody, but i try.

I believe if people go to the effort of posting up thare wins they deserve a comment. I try and give them a comment.

As i say i take it day to day health wise. I have support during the week from people that help me. I have a mental illness and i struggle with various other things.

But in casinogrounds i found a place whare i could be myself and do something positive. Im actually quite shy in real life and live a quiet kind of life. Health dictates.

Thats a little about me kev and if anybody ever asks me i tell them the truth how i am.

Good to have you hear and i look forward to commenting on more of your wins. Hopefully epic. ???.

Craig smith.

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