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1800X casino zeplin


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well how do i start, only shared this experience with one person as felt embarrassed and confused and how stupid I was,  but important to share to all forum members and be honest with our experiences  as we learn by good points and bad , deposited £30 at fav casino had a few drinks was just mucking around played rainbow ritches 40p stake hit pots 500x so was up to £240 ish  more drinks then just hit random slot and played £2 stake on casuno zepplin first time i ever played it and never understood the slot and never realised I was actually on £2 stake   ,later I understood after research  and know I must of  hit free spins and wild line which payed £3,574 omg eh , played to the early hours of morning lost £400 woke soba thinking what happened my normal reactions like any individual were cash out which I did , but unfortunately my withdrawal was denied as my account had not been verfied and funds were put back in my account , my driving licence photo was out of date so had no way of supplying documents , again drinks party drunk  lost another £ 2500 few days later finally licence threw confirmed vertification and made withdraw of £1100 so £30 to £3800 then back to £1100 what a roller coaster.

I think it's very important to make forum members aware that verification is very important when you join any casino ,before you make that first spin that could be life changing  ,  like myself I was unable to withdraw my winnings as i was not verified if I had been then I would not of lost £2500.

we all welcome the withdrawal  lock feature on highly recommended casinos , but does the lock feature protect the players balance if they are not verified? 

I hope it does , rarther saying your withdrawal has been declined as you need to verify account , I hope it now  says  your withdraw is locked and  will be processed upon vertification which is only fair ,the lock feature should mean lock for any possible scenario thanx .




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@jon7777777  yes i totally agree john,  whenever a player signes up to a casino and the general feeling is the player just wants to play.

First thing to do although it can be painstaking because the feelings are running high that wee just want to play and get at it.

As painstaking a process as it might be get the account, documents, verification all done and put through to the proper department.

Then wait on the response and get clarification your documents are fine and locked in.

Then start to play. It makes life so much easier when coming to withdrawls, and especially bigger withdrawls. 

Thares a case that you have openly admitted john you blew 2500 because your documentation was not correct.

Fair play to you for being open and honest. I respect that. And you will not make the same mistake again.

Yes document verification is an imperitive part of casino playing. 


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@jon7777777 on the lockdown of withdrawls john i believe the lock feature should be available on every casino and a player should have the choice when they withdraw to lock it down for good and thats it, you will not be able to unlock it. 

That should be readily available next to any withdrawl point. Say its 1200 pounds and the player is really happy. Won that off say 200 deposit.  Won 1000 clear and makes the withdrawl of 1200 pounds. Right next to the withdrawl point should be a simple press and thats it completely locked. Cant touch it.

Sometimes reversals work in a way a player wins and can withdraw more or make back some kinda losses.

But when a reversal goes wrong and the player looses the lot the feeling is awful. Thats why in my opinion there should be a lock feature right next to whare a player withdraws and thats it locked for good.

A players mind wanting to withdraw will be at its strongest when first withdrawing. And if locked for good thats that.

If its not locked and later on the players mind begins to wander and think, thoughts of reversal creep in.

Im all for having the complete lock feature available to players at every casino.

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aww yes Craig I totally agree, but the point I was trying to get across was , last year  ,  if an individual made a withdrawl weather they were verified or not they still wished to withdraw, they no longer wanted to play , a person who was verified had the balance withdrawn and awaiting processing and  had the option to cancel , myself who was not verified  had my balance put back in my account when in reality because I wanted to withdraw it, it  could of been processed as normal but awaiting verification and still given the option to cancel the same, if this was the case I would not of cancelled.

The lock feature now is a really good option that has been added to stop players tempted to cancel , but what I was trying to get across was does the lock feature withdraw a player's balance and lock it weather they are verified or not , if it does lock both then the option now will be withdraw pending until you are verified it can not be put back in the players account as it was like myself, if it does not apply to individuals that are not verified Its my opinion it should be or is it possible casinos have not thought of including it , great discussion , and I certainly will never do that again ?


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@jon7777777 yes i understand now john. 1-all casino's should have your withdrawl locked even if your not verified yet and if you have locked it down.

Your withdrawl should not allowed to be touched until you have went through verification, however long that takes.

I thinks that's a little loop hole that casino's need to tighten up on.

That option to lock down a withdrawl and if you have is permanent until your documentation is all done. And no way should any player be allowed to reverse after locking if still unverified.

Little loop hole the verification area for casino's to leave a withdrawl open during verification which creates temptation.

The casino's will no that. Accross the board all casino's should put this in place.

All players are treated equal that way aswel john. Its a little area that i personally dont no if all the casino's out thare have in place but i would really like to see it.

There should not be rules for one and rules for another after locking a withdrawl. Equality and fairness accross the board would be nice to see..?.


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thank you David for your opinion much appreciated , I totally agree every body should be treat fairly not just now but also in the past .

If the withdrawal and the option to lock only applies to individuals that are verified this is not fair , I can't see any harm in allowing all withdrawals to be accepted lock feature applied if that's a person's wish then supply documents , as both individuals need to be respected in the same way , as they no longer want to play hence you withdraw. 

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