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When is a good time to cash out?


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Hello! I'm still very much a rookie when it comes to gambling, and so I turn to you who are a bit more experienced within the area!

To give context to why I wonder, I did a 50 euro deposit, with eyes on Magic Mirror. I accidentally bet 5 euros instead of 0.5, get a first spin bonus(!), with getting 110 euros as the win, which is pretty damn good in my eyes. Usually I'd cash out immediately, though I was thinking about all the other people who keeps going and somehow wins more, so I wanted to try. All in all, I lost all the earnings and my 50 euro deposit, due to me continuing the gambling.
In the off chance that you may worry about me becoming a degenerate, I've limited my deposits to 50 euros a week, money that I can afford to lose (As I've read up about. Staying safe and all :D ).

When do you consider to be a good time to say "This is a good win, I'll take it" and just stop?


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It’s a hard question to answer, everyone’s idea of a decent cash out would be different. For me it depends on my bankroll at the time. One thing you have got to do when playing slots is ask yourself the question “how would you feel if you lost that money?” Being on tilt can be dangerous even with deposit limits.

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Thanks for the replies everyone! Another question I have in this case: Is it viable to "lock" some of the money that you win, if you win big? In this instance, could I take the 110 euro win and keep going for the 50 euro deposit, or would it not be worth in your opinion?

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What I do is that I set a "Withdrawal goal" for my deposits. 

Normally I deposit 50 € as well, and a bit depending on my budget I either have 4x or 6x my deposit as my withdrawal point.

This means that as soon as I have a balance of either 200 or 300 € I withdraw that amount. Any left over funds I keep playing with and withdraw for ever 100 € I might win above that. 


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