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Laser fruit fail


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On 06/05/2018 at 19:01, bigslotwins said:

Skylined87 Not sure why this got a troll Face? In my opinion, based on stake, number of freespins and the amount of win lines open this was a fail....


Each to their own though :)

well you got trolled by slot, hence the troll face :D congrats on win but it should've been much better!

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@bigslotwins well done on your win. Just under 700 quid im sure it was. On a 4 pound stake it could have been massive with all the winlines in play..

Your win was a good win, i think this game throws out a lot of dead spins. But it is exciting when it really starts to build the multiways. I think if you connect with the 7's it would be massive.

Overall bigslotwins well done, thanks for posting it up???.

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