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A warning and a goodbye


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Hello everyone sorry for the long post i just really have to tell my story, ive been gambling for 3 years now (small amounts no more then 30 euro/week) and a few months ago i did what i usually do, put in 20-30 euro and spin for fun, then i won 500, that was alot to me sinse ive never won more then 50.

Things started escalating and i kept winning and winning, i started playing blackjack and i had now turned my 500 euro into 20K Euro, yes 200k swedish kr.

I knew by then that i was a gambling addict and i had to stop, i just had to, whilst im +. So i was just about to lock the money into a fund account i had but i had a casino tab open, and i started losing more and more, before i could even think i had lost the 20k i won and the 10k ive saved my whole teenage life that i was gonna travel with.

I got into deep depression and had suicidal thoughts, my mom drove me to a psychic hospital and they just gave me medicin and that was it.

After that my mom bought me a trip to asia for 3 weeks just so i could stop thinking of gambling, and i did, or so i thought... As soon as i got home i felt the addiction getting to me, and let me tell u this, its the worst thing thats ever happend to me.

I had no money but i wanted to gamble, i just had to gamble, so i did the worst thing possible, i took loans and gambled. Now not only have i lost my life savings im also in huge debt at the age of 20.

I would not wish my worst enemy this pain, these past 3 months i got addicted to gambling, fired from work, lost a close reletive to me and lost alot of friends.
But today i had enough, ive now self excluded me on all sites and im really hoping to get proffesional help.

Please, gamble with respect, it took me 2 days to get addicted after 3 years of gambling small amounts, it can happen to anybody, and your life will be a living hell. My life will never ever be the same, i will always remember this.

Thank you for reading and goodbye to my favorite streamers, Kim, Nick, Slotspinner and Casinodaddy.

also big shout out to my man mistermanga, take it easy on them horses 


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