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2 great wins low stakes 20p

Bizz townend

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@Bizz townend congrats bizz on your wins. Thanks for posting them up. Extra chilli it looks like your balance was nearly gone and a super bonus saved the day,

on 20 p stake bizz winning 166 odd. 830 x.nice. 

On cleopatra last of the pharaohs which i think is a brilliant novomatic slot,

if you can reach the top or 1 level below on the pyramid to determine how many wilds you get. If you get the luck thare bizz the bonus can pay into the thousands.

Another good feature is when your bonus spins get locked by the ankh symbol on the 5 th reel. The spins can go on and on, and if you have 3,4, or the dream of 5 wilds it can pay huge..

But another really good bonus winning 160 pounds and again 800 x. For 20 p stake. Overall 2 super bonuses for your stake size, well done and enjoy your winnings bizz???.

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