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2195x extra chili


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@skixan well done and congrats on a cracking win, first gambling it to 16 spins. I find that part the most nervy,

i just feel theres something about it, its very easy to go buy then gamble, lose then buy,gamble,lose, and so on. Its the most dangerous part of it, risk and reward.

Thankfully your 16 spins has really paid off. its paid you a whopper for your stake. X14 multiplyer. Almost going up x1 every spin, 

in euro's i think its nearly 660 euro win for a 0.30 euro stake. Correct me if im wrong thare skixan?. Thanks.

I try and work the sek out in euro's, Overall super bonus, thanks for posting it up and enjoy your winnings???.

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Yes as u say @Craig smith a sick bonus. 

As u say, i gamble 2 times, didnt get anything, and the third time i bought the feature i decided to play it at 16 spins.

I got a insane hit with Aces, 100 ways full line at x10, paied over 400 euros, the spin after that one gave me 200 euros on aces again. 

overall a smashing hit, first time ever :P

Thx all :P i hope u all win even more!!! :D

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