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Game crashed and money is gone


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Hi. So i was playing on EnergyCasino and i was on a major losing streak when i got my first real win of the day.


I got a full line of ladybugs with a wild in the middle and won 3000 SEK, after 10 sec of showing the winning line the slot crashed. But novomatic slots have a "reconnect" button so i pressed it before i could make a screenshot of the crash and when i was reconnected my win was all gone. 

I've talked to the support and they will look in to it in a few days, but it didnt sound positive. 

I didnt think this could happen and i dont knows whos fault it is but i have kind of lost my faith in slots. Im just happy i didnt lose more than 150x.

What do you guys think? Any chance of recovering my win? 

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Ive had the same problem on Book of the Dead at Rizk a year back. I contacted support that payed it forward to the tech department. After a few days I got my money. Somehow my gamesession had crashed and the spin remained in an unfished state. When i reloaded the game I created a new sessions since the first one had crashed so thats why I couldnt access the spin/money. It took a week or two but eventually I got my money. All they wanted from me was an approximate time of when the spin was played. I hope it works out. Data doesnt disappear. There is definitely a log somewhere containing info about the win.

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On 2018-03-28 at 14:43, ForceScorpion said:

Have you considered recording your playing with some program, which doesn't require internet connection? Maybe this will help you in the future, for now I really can not tell you for sure if they will pay your win. Sorry, this happened to you mate..

Hey I got all my winnings back today!  Yeah I usually record my Bonuses if i manage to hit a big one, but from now on i will record all of my session. 

But this time i was on my android phone so I couldnt record. 

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