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Hi there

I have been playing casinos for years and play almost on a daily basis using the reload bonuses and stuff. I have recently decided to start uploading big wins and came across this site. Looking forward to get to know some people and start uploading to my channel regularly.

I was thinking of maybe doing a daily slot vlog but not sure if people would rather just see the bonus rounds and wins?


Here's my link, I'll be uploading regularly from now on, would love some subscribers :)


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Hey I'm in exactly your position, play quite regular but usually small stakes, had some fairly decent wins though. Looked at some YouTube vids and found my way here, I've given you a sub and good luck. I'm just about to get my channel going. Hey we might as well share our success...... and maybe some of the downfalls haha :) 

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Thanks appreciate the subscription. To be honest the main reason for my stake size is that I play with bonuses and casinos have tightened up their terms on max bets when playing with bonuses. Let me know your link once you've set it up and I'll give you a follow back.

Good luck and hope the wins outweigh the losses for you :)

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