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The return of the fox

Andy Fox

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Okay I been away for quite some time now. I hard-quit dead cold gambling for quite a while. Unsubbed all streamers but i still watch alot of the streams especially mr david and kim and reginator.


So i was away for quite a while i had 100kr left did a 100kr deposit and got bonus on bonus and raised stages.


It was crazy got some 1000kr bet bonuses on reel rush.


Almost half screen crystal on 80kr spacewars.


A 4kr bet nearly 1000x on hall of gods.


After several days i was up on over 300K and started loosing to 280k 


At that point i signed out again payed of all my gambling debts and other debts in life.


I got a new great work that I love and a big old house and a car.


For everyone who wondered about me I got pure dumb lucky and managed to sort out my entre life again.

Im done with gambling now I reached the goal i chased for so long for the first time I dont even feel like playing at all. :)

So everything finally worked out for me. :)

I will be back watching the streams and subbing again tough. 

And i cant recomend anyone of doingreel rush out of 100 or so bonuses at high stake the bigger the best the lower the X and i had an average of 12.7X on all the bonuses. 


The biggest one hit spin was strawberries on a 250kr bet that payed 80'000kr


The biggest x was the 750-1000x on hall of gods 4kr bet.


Ps. Thanks everyone from this forum for the increadible support i gotten from all of you since i first got here. <3



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1 hour ago, thehowlingswede1337 said:

Did you win 300k from 100kr deposit? @Andy Fox

Yes well it started out with 100kr then i kept withdrawing depositing every time i won i withdrew eerything except 500kr andmanaged to get to 300k before i started loosing on evey deposit so when at a total of 280k on my bank i quit and payed all my debts. :)


So per say all i had left waas 100kr when i started


Added some screenshots from some of the wins.


I seriously dont reccomend anyone to gamble like this. Theese are my old ordinary stakes from a better time and it hurts and you loose fast. I just was lucky this time to allways getbonuses on the first spinns.




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I can aswell say this much i had about 10 bonuses on 1000kr bet and all bonuses payed less than 10x...

And that really feels rigged the higher the stake the moore dead every bonus was.


And that hall of good i had made some bi bets started out on over 100kr per spin think it was 200kr per spin when i lost around 3500kr i have little left and decide to do a 4kr spin boom 750x~


Almost everything back and that feels bullshit. 



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