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Bonusmoney reseted on winningroom


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Hello everybody,

just a little story that happened yesterday and please give me a few comments about it.

I was playing on winningroom casino and came into the bonus money.

I was lucky and made a few good hits and raised the bonus money up to almost 740€.

I was following a live stream from huggehugg yesterday and heard him say to be careful not to set the bets higher than 2€ on winningroom, while playing with bonus money....i had set a few bets of 2,10€ and won  and a few bets were made with 3€.....i contacted the support and told them that i thought that the max bet was at 5€ ( like on highroller) and that i don't want any trouble.

I was really sorry for that ( thought it's the same on all casinos) and i also told them so.

today i got the answer directly from redbet, that they reseted my bonus account, but due to the fact that i contacted them they left the 75€ from the original bonus money.

so all the money ( including the money i won with bets below 2€ were dismissed

Do you think there's any chance to talk to them to get back some of the bonus money that i raised with the bets below 2€.

I think i was honest to them and contacted them and told them what happend, so i think it's really not fair that they set the bonus money back to the beginning.


What do you guys think about that?


Would be reat to get some response.



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You played on Winning Room right? So im pretty sure you mean you got an answer from winning room not Redbet right?

Gotta be honest I think you're lucky to get credited it back, since you did breach terms,a couple of times. I don't think I would pursue it, just take it and actually be glad you got something. I myself play on Redbet, they also have the 2€ max bet rule

Plz take care when playing with bonuses, as there are so many different ones out there. Feel free to ask us anything reg. them (bonuses) before you start playing. Im sure everyone will help out. 

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