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Way too unlucky - Quitting


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So I started gambling again this past week, haven't been good at all, I don't know why I came back. 1400 SEK deposit in total, haven't withdrawn anything because i'm probably the unluckiest person on earth right now. I'm fair when it comes down to fair losses but it's just absurd how fucking unlucky i've been, I don't curse alot so that fucking was really meant in the demeanor way.

Breakdown on what lead me to this tilt.

0 -800 SEK, Moon Princess: I don't get a single bonus from this, and this is about 600 spins in total, I might've gotten 4-5 trinities but nothing much at all.

-900 SEK, Viking Runecraft, ALMOST BONUS, 3 times.  No kidding, in the span of 5 minutes I was 1, and I really mean 1 more block away from getting Ragnarök. And that was 3 times within 5 minutes.

-1000 SEK, Dragon Born bonus [FINALLY]  Regular 6 Free Spins start, get 19 spins in total, 13 "Re-triggers" |   Don't get a single win over 10 SEK, nor do I get any of those  weird spin moments. 11X in Total.

-1100 SEK, Bonanza Bonus [My favorite one, EXCITED] Total multiplier: 7x, Biggest single hit was 20 SEK, Total win: 15X

-1300 SEK, Book of Dead bonus.[Two times , both Kings(K)] Get 3 kings at most, 20X.

-1400 SEK, Fruit Warp Almost winning 4*25 SEK, but no last grape doesn't appear, 12X in total.


Bottom line is, fuck I've been unlucky this week, cannot get that shit out of my head. I'm a fucking fool for playing slots, it's one of the dumbest thing I can do yet I do it, and I don't stop because I chase my losses. I have 100 SEK left, might do a 100 SEK spin on a slot and then quit forever and have that heavy ass -1500 SEK forever, it fucking sucks to say the least. Can't just one of these rich ass companies who makes millions in a week give something.... The only reason why i'm so pissed is how I let myself go this far, I'm more disappointed than angry because I felt like I let my entire family down by doing this shit, 1500 SEK might not mean alot to people here but for a person who sits on his ass who doesn't have a job and goes and does this shit it's embarrassing as fuck. What the fuck am I doing...


I don't think anyone on this site has gone + on gambling except for the streamers. While you can go + it's highly unlikely since you need a HUGE hit, the only reason streamers can stream all the time is because they're sponsored and get money for it.


Is there any fake money site that has slots that can only make you win? I think that could make me stop my gambling addiction.

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I do feel your frustration and understand your pain of loosing, but...Please take a step backward and think about why you play. Is it for winning money-STOP. You can never win on slots.Are you playing with money you cant looe-STOP that is another warning sign.

You must make a change- not for the rest of your life, that would be a big step right now, but can you stop until the end of April? Try to go "cold turkey" and post a follow up 10 weeks from now! I will check to see if you made it.

Good Luck

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