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Holy mother of casino. My first epic win on Reactoonz! Went to play with 30€ depo on 0,6€ bet. The machine seemed really hot and I got 2 Gargatoons (100x and 60x) pretty rapidly which is rare, atleast for me. But like Kim says; Never leave a hot machine, so I didn't and kept going. Then it hit it again and on the last bar before Gargatoon I got the changing symbols thing and I had a huge amount of wild-marked symbols on the screen so they all turned to violet heads and then Gargatoon happend. This made my evening! 

Ps. cashed out 1k

Pps. Shame I didn't have recording on :D 


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@LetsGiveItASpin Thank you Kim! Really appreciate it and this too :D I'm pretty sure that you're a little bit of ahead of me but except me, I'm coming :D 

If i'm not totally wrong, I think I hit it twice with the violet heads. First with the big Gargatoon and then again with the two semi-big Gargatoons, 450€ each :P 

Still feeling little shaky and stirred up by this :56f5d5a348e3d_surprised(2):

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