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Im so screwd by this scamprovider netent that ive start hate my self. Ive lost 370k sek sens january 2017. my last 96k i lost on friday at chanz casino. I have only played one game and that is gonzos quest. i understand cold streak and i understand high wariance and all that bullshit. But i really dont understand how after depositing 90k sek and trugger a bonus on 200sek and it pats u 1400sek back. Im so done with this fucking shit. I hate my self ho let me being fooled by this scamers on malta. My last sesion on chanz was not even gambling it was pure robbery. nearhit nearhit and shit. Nothing on basegame and chasing a bonus 20frefall of the 20 14 is deadspins. I do not even wish my worst enemy to get to Know the netent”better gaming” it has nothing to do with gambling. shit i feel sp stupid not just feel but it says it self im a idiot. Money that takes several years to buffert i played in 1 year. But im glad its all over.

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i can feel with you.... BUT, its very stupid to play ONE game only. You should switch the game if its cold. And its not the providers fault.... if you deposite money, you should  think its gone....

If you gamble like: hey i want 2k euro profit its not the right thought. 

Atleast i wish the best to you. Keep ya head up!

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