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[GAMES PROMO] Games Global Collection!

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Play any of the listed games below slot by Games Global on any of the casinos listed here and submit your big win (screenshot or video) in this topic and win Amazon Vouchers!*


5 x €100 Amazon Vouchers


Flight Of Fortune (Crazy Tooth Studios)
Diamond Rush Roulette (OnAir Entertianment)
Freya: Valhalla Queen (INO Games)
Fire Gnomes (Crazy Tooth Studios)
Immortal Romance (Games Global)
Bling Bling Penguin (INO Games)

1. Screenshot/video of your win (minimum 30x or more)
2. What casino you played on + feedback on the game
3. Must be played on casinos listed here and posted within promotional period on the forum (please verify game is present on the casino you decided to play on)



*Terms & conditions:
- Promotional period - 13/03/2024 - 20/03/2024 23:59 CET
- This Promotion is organized by CasinoGrounds.
- You will need a verified player account at the casino you submitted the win from.
- Prize draw will take place 21/03/2024 and winners will be credited latest by 28/03/2024, given that all will provide information needed and that their entries are verified. 
- Amazon vouchers can not be claimed in Amazon India
- One prize per person.
- Only real money screenshots/videos accepted as entry (bonus money is allowed if you claimed a bonus).
- Winner(s) must respond within 1 month period from contacting. If not, the prize and the right to claim will be forfeited.
- This promotion is subject to change at any time.
- 18+, GamblingTherapy.org

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17 minutes ago, chrizztospinja said:

Since the last time, I no longer trust the start page. Will probably be fixed by @Skylined87 in the terms in the next few hours.  🧐

but it will be 30x - its no "flash" promo

Exactly - Fixed, thanks for the heads up!

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50x at slot box

cant rly see any potential here, way too low volatility for my liking or am i missing something? got 9 spin bonus from base game, payd 30x or so, bought and tested out all the different bonuses and all of em just payd like 20-30x
2/5 meh, propaply wont play it again


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100x on Bling Bling penquin


Liked this one a lot. It has multiple great features. Love the collecting one, it is quite fast to collect enough for the wheel and it can hit big. Also coin feature hits quite often and can also hot big.  Free spins also seems to have quite good potential. All in all great slot for my taste. 8/10


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X-Win: 88.25x
Casino: LeoVegas
Feedback: Bling Bling is kind of fun in the base game. it is cool how you can grind towards the feature so you know you're progressing a little bit even on the dead spins. The bonus is funny with the sliding penguin. I tried the fortune game and holy cow that is a weird game. i don't have any clue how it works and it doesn't make any sense.


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X-Win:  8052x

Casino: Slotbox

Feedback: Saw Hampe play this a few times, the music humored me 😆 Nice amount of teases and still bonuses quite frequently. Mainly 10-15x wins even on basegame so was keeping the balance going. Never saw any crowns on the link&win, I've played few games with link&win and favorite so far has been Jokerloko's where I was one slot away from 20k+ win. Wasn't so sure if this one had jackpot for filling the screen, well seems like it does have 😎 Every bonus I had was 10 spins, gambled one to 15 - I don't think the spins matter that much in this type of a game so the gamble option isn't so intriguing. Pretty chill slot 4/5.


@jonttu996 thanks so much for making this slot sound interesting 😉

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Freya Valhalla Queen

X-Win: 32.2x
Casino: Leovegas

It is a nice little game. I really like the cheap bonus buy options. However I think only Big Freya spins hold potential. 20.000x jackpot seems impossible to hit but other than that it's a great game. Well done MicroGaming/INO Games.


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44x leovegas

I always like the coin drop feature titles, the bonus is interesting but hard to tell where its going to hand(ie it landed on 30 spins but to me it looks like the penguin ass further forward and it was only 10 spins, it was a pleasant surprise to see I got 30 spins). 


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X-Win: 85x

Casino: 777.nl


Really fun games I dindt recognise the game mechanics so its a completely new game for me. The base game can pay quite well and it seems to bonus easily. Had a couple of bonuses and got payed on the right on less then 10x. I think that that is the most volatile one. The left bonus ended up paying 84x. I do like it when a bonus pays bad because I get the feeling it can also pay big. Will hunt for a good bonus on the right bonus 



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X-Win: 94
Casino: LeoVegas

Pretty decent game! I like that you could choose to risk it for more spin in the "free spins". It was (like someone mentioned before me) abit hard to se where the penguin landed. But the game was fun, alot stuff happens and it feels like you get a win often enoguh to not be frustrated :D 

The coin collect was a nice feature to. 


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 X-Win: 35x
Casino: Leovegas
Feedback: Actually quite a fun little game. Very generous in the base game so feel you get a good amount of play time for your money too. Music was great at first but after 15 mins.. 🫣

Bonus is enjoyable and gamble seems to win alot more than similar games or maybe I just got lucky. Coin feature also nice for a balance boost every now and then.

Would play again for sure as enjoyed it overall!



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X-win - 58x

MrQ casino

Bling Bling penguin

Listen up ya'll got a story to tell about a penguin... Oh dear God that song is stuck in my head. 

This is very much like all the other link n win games. Did not manage to bonus it normally only by collecting the coins. Lots of link bonuses but they didn't pay much. It's a shame the bonus is basically the basegame with added coins and bonus symbols. It would be nice if there was something moreScreenshot_20240314_193745.thumb.jpg.3f4a6dd2ba81d75b7b62c0d8429e0f9d.jpg

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Xwin: 30x

Casino: Leovegas

Feedback: used to be the game i always played in the past. I do belivie it was one of the first game without lines. It is still a great game but i would like to do it more volatily and change some of the bonus options in freespins because some of them i dont like at all. But its a great game when it was realised and was one of the biggest games. And i still think the wild desire feture is amazing and they should do something crazy with that to ant it up with multi aswell 


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X-Win: 64x
Casino: N1Casino
Immortal Romance is 💘. I used to play it a lot. Wild Desire is always interesting when it comes along. I also like that there are different free spin options that you have to unlock first. And the music is the best a slot will ever have 🥳

64x geiss CG raffle 14.3..JPG

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125x at MrQ on Bling Bling Penguin

A fun little game, not too volatile, biggest wins will only come from the top two jackpots, all other wins will be relatively small. Like the bonus bar being filled as you play and music is pretty cool too.

Another steady slot from GG


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Interesting selection of games, I've only played Immortal romance before so i wanted to try something new and the bonus buy was only 35x which is amazing for trying to farm the 30x. The slot seems interesting and with the giant symbols it does have some great potential, did not understand how you're able to win 20 000x but im guessing its a jackpot thing which is always near impossible.



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Freya: Valhalla Queen 75x


feedback: base game is okish, nothing really going on, A LOT of teases with the best symbol and free spins, when finally getting into the freespins its very lackluster, paying very low every time for me, over 10 free spins bonuses, most of them 2x or 3x wins. Pass for me

75x freya valhala gdaycasino.jpg

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