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Europe matches

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Some late Europe matches

Benfica Toulouse

Angel di maria Goal 2.6 3u

Rafa silva goal 2.55 4u

Benfica goals o2.5 2.2 5u

Benfica goals o3,5 4.2 3u

Aaron Dønnum yellow 3.1 4u

Diarra yellow 4.45 4u

Benfica corners o5.5 1.53 10u

Benfica corners o6.5 1.96 7u

Benfica o 7.5 corners 2.65 5u



Braga- Qarabag

Banza to score 2.15 6u

Banza o 1,5g 6.3 4u

Banza hattrick 21 2u


Elvin Cafarquliyev to get yellow

Qarabag corners o2,5 1.5 6u

Qarabag corners o3.5 2.13 4u

Qarabag o 4,5 corners 3.25 4u

qarabag o 5.5 corners 5.10 2u


Total corners over 8.5 1.71 10u

Total corners over 9,5 2.15 8u

Total corners over 10.5 2.8 6u

Total corners over 11,5 3.75 5u

Total corners over 12,5 5.10 4u

Total corners over 13.5 6.7 4 u

Total corners over 14,5 8.5 3u


The combo of today: Braga to win 0-1hc 2.55 and Benfica to win 0-1hc 1.90 total odds 4.845 5u





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118 u in total.

Di maria goal 7.8u

Benfica over 5,5 corners 15u.

Banza goal 12,9u

Total corners over 8,5 in braga, 17u

a bad day and a loss of over 50%, it was a very slow start on the corner game, so we did not get there, but still not to far off moneyback

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