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LetsGiveItASpin x TheBigJackpot Cruise 2023 -- Schedule, Ship info, & MORE!


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Greetings CG Community!


Hampus will be joining TheBigJackpot aboard a cruise in the mediterannean this upcoming week! Keep an eye on this forum post for any/all information about vlogs/streams/more!


Stream Updates:

TBD -- will update when we know how the internet is on the ship


Cruise Ship: Norwegian Viva


October 1st – Lisbon, Portugal (Embarkation day)

October 2nd – Seville (Cadiz), Spain

October 3rd – Granada (Malaga), Spain

October 4th – Ibiza, Spain

October 5th – Valencia, Spain

October 6th – Barcelona, Spain

October 7th – Provence, France

October 8th – Florence, Italy

October 9th – Cannes, France

October 10th – Rome, Italy (Disembarkation Day)



That's all for now! If you want to see anything in particular for Vlog content at any of these stops, let us know!

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