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Slots like Big Bass and Fishing Frenzy are seriously popular slots. I get the buzz, but please consider the rigged bullshit in the coding. Predictable & Tilting - with no potential. I wont play a fishing vibed game again. In the last 4 weeks I've had min 30+ bonuses @ £20-£30 paying a max of under 150X. I staked these from many lucky wins from genuine slots.

Again we play these fishing games because its a great concept, however the coding/outcome of these game are shocking, classic example of the UK fobt style of games. (Speaking from experience).

My arse stinks after a donner kebab with chilli sauce, but these games actually smell worse.

I'm ofcourse open to other users views. My stakes represent my way in playing - I understand big X wins based on RTP are affected by stake. (Don't stake like I do)

The videos in this post are random as an example. I don't record much when in the moment. 

I love you all x

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This happens on any stake. Pragmatic slots are always super bad coded slots, you win zero fucks 99% of times and then there's that 1% guy getting max win instantly in the first couple spins. I don't believe stake matters, but then again, I never play at these stakes.

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Your post is funny, but it is very clear that you don't really understand how RNG works. 20-30 buys are not enough to get a significant sample, and it is just a rumor that stakes affect the RTP it is only a thing because so many people play low stakes over high stakes, so there are so many more game rounds at the lower stakes. 

I honestly find Pragmatic to be one of the most consistent providers for me, I know I will lose in the long run but they seem to bring my balance up the most. But I am also mostly a spinning player and only do bonus buys at the end of my session. 

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