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Overlay feedback (LGIAS)

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The new chat box is to small and the white text color doesn't really work with the background, makes it hard to read it. It's also really distracting to try to look at three places at once.
It was a lot better with the bigger box above the heads, that was also alot easier to read when there was more lines.

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Yeah I agree I get why they want to move the promo spot there because the right bottom is the worst one... But is it a way to treat your fans :( put them In the most forgotten and bad place on the stream.


Before if you looked at around this spot you could read the chat, see your beautiful faces and read chat. Now you need to switch between 3 spots and it's really annoying and inconvenient.


Also the overlay is a bit to bright like make blue darker by 10/15 % and it will be perfect.

I hope that cry of the people will be heard.

With love,


Could contain:

Could contain:

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