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Seriously Im done with casinos.

Things are rigged for sure. Deposited 100 times in 2 weeks, 30€ each time. Playing lower bets like 0,2 to 1 not a single good hit. Thousands and thousands of spins. Streamers hitting the max win on daily basis while normal players out there like me cant win on this lower bets. Things are completely awful and scam. How in the hell can streamers win millions while we normal players cant even win like some 1000€ when spinning 10000+ spins? Tell me please. Because I believe streamers are just for marketing and they probably own a part the casinos. 

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2 hours ago, Tobias Euphoria said:

But seriously man. Playing for 9 years and not a single max win like streamers having daily.

I never had a max win either in all of my 14 years of gambling. Well only on demo mode on Retro Tapes 🤪

This is gambling for you, it's all about luck. The sooner you realize that the better. Don't chase anything.

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