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WWTBAM, rubbish lately. I wonder if ur rtp is worse if u play old games. Have the programmers concentrated on new games? Can’t hit bigger than 40x lately and my negative equity on skyvegas very usually says like minus 100x per 10 minutes. Seems to be what they aim at?  All seems rigged, furthermore there isn’t a “good site” to play on.  If u sign up via an affiliate, they get 25% of ur losses, is winning possible?  If so, it’s while ur new…but play every day and ur rtp gets worse.  It’s ur job to lose, they only want losing customers, but do want ur friends and family to sign up.  I think what the programmers job is, is to construct a conveyor belt of 100 spins at a time and then attach an rtp number. Then u log in to skybet, then they decide what % to put u on for the next 100 spins on whatever slot. Doesn’t matter which, it’s all the same.  So it’s the site, which is shit, not the game.  U might always need a new site, make use of the freebets etc.  the streamers and YouTube content, it’s their job to lick arse and sell the game to u, their conveyor belt will be btr or if rip, it will take longer.  The premium, the champions league of “each and every spin is random”.  Either it’s live and not so bad, ie they lose 1000 but earnt 3000 in affiliate (gambling responsibly), and it took ages and yoyo’d….or….they pretend a replay of a play money win is live and real. I’m sure u saw the same celebrations 10,000 times by now, almost as boring as tv ads saying gambling is fun. The only way to ensure profit in the long run, is to not click spin, or to be an affiliate and earn money from others losses while ur asleep. 

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