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*MUST SEE* LetsGiveItASpin €15.000 GIVEAWAY! 100.000 Subscriber Special!

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On 17/04/2023 at 12:53, LetsGiveItASpin said:

Hey guys,

We're extremly close to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and we've decided that when it happens we're doing a €15.000 Giveaway! Tell your friends, family, dogs, cats and everyone else to hit that subscribe button so we can reach it! As well as the Giveaway we will be going to Las Vegas for a $100.000 Land Based Stream.

Click the button below to subscribe and be able to win €15.000! 
Could contain:

The giveaway will consist of 3 Rounds in total:

Round #1, (Remember you need to have subscribers PUBLIC (See this link)) on YouTube otherwise we can't see if you're subscribed.

Enter in the Gleam below, 20 people will be picked randomly for a prize.
How To Find Your Youtube Youtube URL


Round #2, Out of the 20 people chosen, everyone will be assigned an amount of tickets depending on how long they've subscribed. We'll then have a draw in stream for prizes 3-20, the two last will qualify to round 3.

Round #3 - The Epic Slot Battle! 
The two finalists will compete in a Bonushunt Battle teamed up with Hampus or Kim, you choose the slots and how many spins to be played. And the end the person with the highest outcome will take down the battle and be the ultimate winner!

Prizes For The Giveaway:

1st - €10,000* and a weekend in Malta with Kim & Hampus

2nd - €500

3rd - €400

4th - €300

5th - €200

6-10th - €100

11-20th - €50

Main winner will be contacted for a total prize of €10,000 + a trip to Malta where they'll get €5,000 in cash + €5,000 value to do something stream related with when they visit. I.E join a Bonus Hunt for €5,000, go land for a land based stream together for €2,500 and get a €2,500 mystery box or similar. If the main winner can't join us in Malta, they'll forfeit the stream related prize + trip and it will go to the next winner in line.

General Terms & conditions:
- Promotional period - 17/04/2023 - When we choose to end it.

- You will need a to be Subscribed before entering, If the date when you've subscribed shows later then the time you've entered you will be disqualifed from moving on to round #2.
- One prize per person.
- Weekend in Malta with Kim & Hampus cannot be transered to another person or exchanged for larger cash prize, It seen as a bonus.
- Winner(s) must respond within 1 week. If not, the prize and the right to claim your prize will be forfeited.
- This promotion is subject to change at any time.
- 18+, GamblingTherapy.org






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