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Peachy Games withdrawals

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So joined Peachy couple of months ago, had small withdrawal £900 got paid more or less instant so that was all good. 
Tried to cash out £200 3 days ago and still waiting for it to be processed! 

I read a few reviews and there seems to quite a few complaints about withdrawal times with them. They asked me to confirm bank details in account what I did giving details for last card used. Status few hours later processed. Still not in account next day so emailed them to be told I sent wrong bank account, so updated with them and they said it was sent then not sent. 

Anyway cut a long story short I been playing table tennis regarding emails back and forth you just cant get a straight answer from them. They are acting weird. Taking hours to answer emails and acting dumb, wasting my time. I mean really Peachy is this what we are doing ! 

When you make a withdrawal on a site it should tell you where the withdrawal is sent to yes? If this is not the case and you cant see anywhere on site that states what card your withdrawal is sent to, then this is a BUG that needs fixing, no one wants to play on a site with delayed or stalled withdrawals. Or spending days chasing around where it has gone I mean taking over a week to get a withdrawal is just ridiculous in 2022

Is it just me or has anyone else had these problems? 

Sister site to Fruity Kings and Casushi  who I must admit are much more professional and never had any problems with! 



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