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Win not being paid out

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Hello, sorry if in wrong topic


Did I make a schoolboy error by depositing to a newly created Leo account (my partners) with a card in my name..

Deposit was about 85 and tried cash out with 550, account locked and they asked for documents


Least the deposit is being refunded..  


We have gambled for over 3 years now and am sure on several other casinos we have done this before with no issues, so learnt the hard way with Leo 


I sucks big time to win then find out you never, 


TGC aka Biscuit Tin

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Yo T, yep am sorry to say you know the correct answer already - name on casino acct has to use their own named cardholder bank card to deposit with - any other named bank card and various regulations will deny them accepting it. It's a sign of a more professional casino thankfully, plus shadier operators probably would've just kept the deposit too, so glad you're back to even at least!


Depending on their live chat & if you just want an open acct only, you could always speak to them, tell them you fully understand & accept previous winnings are void, apologize again for your error, send in whatever docs they may want atm, and ask if it's possible to start acct afresh again on correct card - if not, just find another decent casino, and get all the card & ID verification stuff out the way before you start playing. GL bro!

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