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€15000 Bonus Hunt - Guess The Win! (21/09/22) MAIN PRIZE: €10000


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ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBERS / FOLLOWERS, if you haven't Subbed / Followed before submitting your guess it will be void.

LetsGiveItASpin -- Bonus hunt giveaway time! 😍

Guess how much all the features pay from our bonus hunt today (€15000 start). The person who guesses closest will win €10000 if the result is more than 2 times the starting amount and you get the amount exactly correct. . The closest guesser will win €1000 if the result is more than 2 times the starting amount and €100 if the result is less than 2 times the starting amount.
In order to participate you have to have an account and enter the e-mail to one of the casinos (no deposit needed):


Simply enter your guess, casino and e-mail in the widget below. If you don't fill out the form fields completely, your entry will be void.



LGIAS Bonus Hunt (Sep 21st)

NOTE: If The payback of the bonushunt is less then 50% (7500) There will be no prize today.

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folks stay away from slots if none of use can read simple instructions you do not enter your guesses for hunts there and your not even eligible unless you've signed up to one of the casinos or posted on the forum 3 times per week for 3 consecutive weeks with the exception of maybe two of you none of you qualify its not rocket science!

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