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[GAME PROMO] CherryPop Deluxe (AvatarUX)


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Play Cherry Pop Deluxe slot on any of the casinos listed here and submit your big win (screenshot or video) in this topic and win Amazon Vouchers!*


10 x €100 Amazon Vouchers

1. Minimum of 30x win
2. Feedback on the game + what casino you played at
3. Must be played on casinos listed here and posted within promotional period on the forum (please verify game is present on the casino you decided to play on)

*Terms & conditions:
- Promotional period - 12/09/2022 - 19/09/2022 23:59 CET
- This Promotion is organized by CasinoGrounds.
- You will need a verified player account at the casino you submitted the win from.
- Prize draw will take place 09/09/2022 and winners will be credited latest by 14/09/2022, given that all will provide information needed and that their entries are verified. 
- Amazon vouchers can not be claimed in Amazon India
- One prize per person.
- Only real money screenshots/videos accepted as entry (bonus money is allowed if you claimed a bonus).
- This promotion is subject to change at any time.
- 18+, GamblingTherapy.org

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Played on Leo Vegas, got a 50x win at £0.20 stake.

I like Pop slots, but didn't really enjoy this one. Background music is just strange - like something out of an 80s movie. Colours are really garish. When I finally got into the free spins it was all over in about 10 seconds - the spins are so quick, no time to process what is happening! No suspense or excitement.

Cherry Pop Deluxe 1.png

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1. So I got 62x

2. I played it in the Leo Vegas casino, the game design is quite funky. The colour is vibrant and the music itself sounds like some funk tune. base game is mediocre , the free spin is quite good with the multiplier but the spins are pretty fast. Not really a huge fan of pop game but this one is at least decent . I rate it 5/10.   


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8 hours ago, napasorsa said:

Leo Vegas,  162,6 x ,  0,20e

Very confusing bonus, u think that you win by doubling  12 spins 65000 ways, but then sudenly its 10  spins 10 000 ways...

It's 'upto' 12 spins 65000 ways or w/e but I agree. Landing on the small 16 wedge and geting alot less spins/megaways must be annoying.

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This is my entry, played on Leovegas, payout 500x (0,2e stake).


After having played it for roughly 400 spins and some bonus buys (only max buy), I rate it 7/10. It is a typical modern pop-slot with elements from old cherry pop and hippo pop (+2 spins). Shortly, it is a decent slot offering the max buy instead of melting players' minds on the wheels. Otherwise, nothing new or that special about it. Good upgrades on the visuals and audio though.

In my attempts, owing to the fact that I hate those visually rigged wheels (showing 50% chances for success), I chose to buy only max levels that regularly returned 33% of the buy and one returning four times the buy.

The 500x hit came from grinding the basegame after losing three attempts on the wheels. The max buy gives less spins, yet on max level. Usually, it's a deadspin simulator <tm> with max ways and minimal hits possibly geared for one big hit.


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184,4X on Leovegas. Gambled natural bonus once to 8 spins 14400 ways I think it was. The slot is great fun, similar to most of the pop games you get alot of dead spins and then it smacks you with a 10-20x spin. love the look and feel of the game. but It spins the bonus spins to fast when it deadspins, would like a bit more time in bonus.(over way to fast).  Worth a gamble! 



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Leovegas - 649x


So, don't get me wrong it's a pop game so you know what your going to get. But for some reason I found this incredibly hard to bonus compared to the other versions.

Overall, I found the graphics a little too much so prefer the orginal but that said I have seen some crazy wins on this version.

I feel you need to gamble to 8 spins minimum for a half decent win. I had 3-4 5 spin bonuses which barely paid 10x.

I'll most likely stick to the orginal going forward!


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I Have never been a massive fan of the pop games even though i have had some decent wins on them, I found this one decent to play but still think they lend themselves to bonus buys (not available to me.. Thanks UKGC!) too much as the base can be brutal! Overall i found this a bit much with the in your face graphics and the bonus was soo quick but did pay nice, i didn't dare gamble the bonus as i find it hard enough to land without the dissapointment of losing it! 5 Spins paid alot more than i was expecting with a win of 554x!

554x @ LeoVegas


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