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[GAME PROMO] The Rave (Nolimit City)

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Play The Rave slot on casinos listed below and submit your big win (screenshot or video) in this topic and win Amazon Vouchers!*



10 x €100 Amazon Vouchers

1. Minimum of 30x win
2. Feedback on the game
3. Must be played either on Spinz, Friday, or 21Casino and posted within promotional period on the forum

*Terms & conditions:
- Promotional period - 12/07/2022 - 18/07/2022 23:59 CET
- This Promotion is organized by CasinoGrounds.
- You will need a verified player account at the casino you submitted the win from.
- Prize draw will take place 19/07/2022 and winners will be credited latest by 26/07/2022, given that all will provide information needed and that their entries are verified.
- One prize per person
- Only real money screenshots/videos accepted as entry
- This promotion is subject to change at any time.
- 18+, GamblingTherapy.org

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432x on spinz

Got this nice basegame hit in like 20 spins in the game. Basegame feels nice, except it seems pretty hard to bonus even if the extrabet is on. Did like 300ish spins, and got one bonus even tho I had like 40 teasers. But overall I like that nolimit isn’t only doing these misery/violent themed slots. I’d rate this 7/10


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593X at casinofriday.com 


The game has a lot going on but I have to say I love the music it is a lot of fun. What was nice is I bought the 4 scatter bonus and that triggered the 5 scatter bonus for the last 3 spins. The game seems to pay out pretty decent, would play it again. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 10.26.48 PM.png

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I dont have the verification documents required for these Casino's  , and even if i did i would not be opening an account to win any type of prize  , lastly all these slots are far too volatile for the small player and there  are only 2 winners here peeps and they are the provider and the peep asking you to partake in this promo , wakey wakey folks and spend your hard earned money elsewhere.   NOT for me      🙂     

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couple of meagre bonus rounds, pretty much like every other nolimit slot.. a real grind if bonus buys are banned and a lot of flashing lights and moving things and rarely results in any money coming out :D Endless teases with the xbet enabled too




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Played this game a lot. Not going to enter the competition. Just here to add my two cents on NLC and their incredible portfolio of games. The good part is that there's always something going on, and the mechanics are off the chains. 

The bad part (my personal opinion) is that the show of force in graphics,, music, theme, math, and game mechanics distracts the average dude and dudette from how extremely freaking insanely volatile your games are. They're ripparoni's put to work in system, like a bot network is for hackers.

Unless you're willing to sacrifice your hard earned cash by lighting it on fire while laughing at it buying bonuses, you're stuck with grinding. Grinding NLC slots is MORE BORING than sitting down for three hours straight on Wild Swarm, or Lil' Devil. and if you're lucky enough to trigger the "enhanced" bonus, it mostly (by my experience) takes the biggest dump on your player balance while flipping you the middle finger. 

Your games are great. Your math is probably the best in the industry. For the average slot player though, I might as well buy NFT artwork as it's less volatile. 

Remember when you'd go through the roof winning 500x? Nowadays you dish out that for one bonus buy. Even more. What the actual? I am still waiting for you to release a game with lower volatility, that is on par with the quality of your team nowadays. Get off your hell-bred horses and serve the commoners some ordinary, enjoyable non-heart-attack-stuff, please.

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On 13/07/2022 at 03:29, octaneus said:

593X at casinofriday.com 


The game has a lot going on but I have to say I love the music it is a lot of fun. What was nice is I bought the 4 scatter bonus and that triggered the 5 scatter bonus for the last 3 spins. The game seems to pay out pretty decent, would play it again. 

ah the life of a bonus buyer that mistakes a 4.3x for a 593x :D considering the 28 it costs to buy in the first place!

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CasinoFriday.com - 36x

Not my game. Several hundred spins. NO bonus. over 60 bonus teasers with xbet on. For me only the presentation of the game is good. The features are not good either. And in the base game no hits. Does not make very much fun. There are many better slots from NoLimit Gaming! There is nothing more to say about it.

chrizzo 36x casinofriday.PNG

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