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From €100 to €20 000 ft XXXtreme Lighning Roulette and more


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So im still a little bit confused about what happened today. 

I deposited 1000 SEK, aprox €100 and thought i'll do some Karen Maneater for €1 per spin. 

A few minutes goes by and this hits: https://replay.nolimitcity.com/show/kuripiwahaze

I thought, wow great. And continued to play various games and the balance was up and down around €3200 and €4500 and then i bought a Folsom Prison bonus: 

A while after this, i decided that i should do a cash out for the whole amount i had on my account. I was just going to clean the amount down to an even number. I eventuella picked XXXtreme Lightning Roulette and bet the €59 to do this. I picked the zero neighbors 4 times and on the first spin the ball landed on 26 with a chain lightning strike of 1500x. 
It was kind of surreal to see how much money i had in the Evolution balance (107 000 SEK or aprox €10700)
Anyway i thought wow, let's do some more spins, i had run amazing these last two hours or so. I bumped up the stakes and started betting more then i had like every before as my plan was now to cash out 100 000 SEK (€10 000).
A few spins goes by and all of a sudden i bang in another 42 000 SEK (€4200) as number 19 gets a chain lightning strike of 600x.
Now, there is a party in the chat of the XXXtreme Lightning Roulette. My balance bumps up to around 150 000 SEK. And i'll keep the bets going and raise the stake. The story could end here and i would have been really happy, but then number 0 gets a lightning strike of 300x and that is where i placed the highest bet of all the numbers.
So my balance bumped up to around 200 000 SEK or more. I played some spins but then decided to go to cash out land.  
Just wanted to share this story somewhere and what better place then here? 🙃
And also, for the record. I have played from time to time on several online casinos. This is the purest of luck there is regarding online gambling almost, and a once in a lifetime run. These runs does not happen frequently - or ever.
Also a BIG thank you to Expekt.com's live support who helped me cash out everything so fast even though their site did not allow it automatic. 

I hope the link works of the few videos and pictures i managed to save. 🙉


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