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Crazy time screwed me

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I'm like a dog today I had won 5grand and got greedy only because the host was hinting at what time the win would be. So I stayed playing got down to a grand. Just reached the time of cash hunt which she was hinting at 500xs all over the board, this was the only round I missed for 6 hours because they wouldn't let me place my bet of 50euro which I was waiting for. Then they put me out of the game, so I looked it up online and what happens 300x straight away and 200x pachinko. I went to Monopoly straight away because both evolution and no problems. Out of 1000 rounds my bet on all segments button doesn't work exactly when there was a huge bonus i was waiting for. Then I wasted the rest trying to win back. So stupid on my part but so fu**ing pist off about that. What's the chances not missing 1 round for hours 11.40 am., again with an 800x crazy time didn't miss a round i go blue every time. The buttons froze exactly 1 round before the win. I had 100euro on only because I was up. My heart sunk. Playing on bet Victor and still waiting for something to be done. That's life changing mun. If it was 20 rounds before hand I'd get over it or if I just lost fair enough. But theres no chance of this happening just before a big win. I was getting messages lower your bets but I thought this was chat and hardly aimed at me. I've pumped so much money and time into this game to be fu**Ed over




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