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Olybet Complaint (took over 7000 euros)

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I have very sad news. I today registered to OlyBet and took their welcome bonus. I deposited 250 e and was very lucky. I won over 6000 euros and my balance was a bit over 7000 euros.

I changed to play NetEnt Games to wager the money (wager left was almost 15000 e). I realized that this casino had removed the auto spins feature from all netent games. So I needed to click manually every bet, and because the wager was almost 15k, it would have been very slow to wager.

I realized that using auto clicker in my mouse it would be faster to wager it. I downloaded autoclicker to my computer (https://freemouseclicker.com) and started to use it to click the play button faster in Netent Games.


After a few spins I realized they removed my bonus balance and I had only 278,75 e left from over 7000 euros! They said that using 3rd softwares for playing is forbidden and then they removed my money. This feels so unfair, that first they remove auto spins feature and then remove my money if I use autoclicker only to click "Play" button. As you everybody can check, this application does nothing more.

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Wow! That's really good to hear, and I'm surprised how quickly they resolved too - hats off to them for that alone.


Out of interest, did they clarify whether Auto-Clicker was ok to use then?? As you rightly say, it's not the usual 3rd party software which casinos need to worry about, so I'm guessing they must be fine once they realised that's all it was??


Hopefully your withdrawals will process smoothly too & congrats on getting it resolved dude!

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