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Leovegas not honouring withdrawal

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Hi my name is Bruce and I’m a player at Leovegas; I was on Letsgiveitaspin live stream today May 30th, And Hampus said to let him know what’s going on at casino grounds.com, I’m not sure where I was suppose to write my issue, so I’ve just created it here.

So on Monday May 16th I won $27,000CAD on the Game Danger High Voltage; Which I have a screen shot of, I had a balance of 3000CAD roughly when I hit the 27k,after I was done winning I had a balance of roughly $40000CAD, I went to withdrawals and withdrew $4000 Then I proceeded to go to chat like I always do when I want to withdraw, and asked if I can have my withdrawal processed, chat informed that the relevant ( I think that’s what it’s called) team will notify me of my withdrawal. So 3days past and I decided to email George who is my VIP guy that gives me bonus and frees spins and such, and told him about my win and he looked into it and let me know that they were looking over my win and account one last time and once everything was approved I can withdraw my money, he then sent another email notifying me that my withdrawal was approved and everything was now okay for me to start withdrawing my money, So that’s what I proceeded to do, I again withdrew $4000 by ecash which was the method; and that $4000 was the max, I went to chat and they processed it and I said I wanted to do more, chat agent said okay and I did another 4000 by ecash, when I tried to do a 3rd it said I reached my daily limit. The agent said to come back in the morning and I can again do more withdrawals if I would like. Apon waking up the next day, I received and email said I need to verify my account, it didn’t say what I needed to verify just that I need to, so I logged into my players account at Leovegas and went to the verify tab and seen they were requesting a bank statement, I went to chat and was speaking with Mitka or Mitko and directed me on which exact bank form to send in and I proceeded to do that while we where on chat together, I sent it in and he told me that the payments or relevent has received it and to go ahead a withdraw again if I’d like to, I told home I want to withdraw all my balance but probably keep some on so I can try to win more, so I again withdrew $4k by way of ecash and he checked to see if I was verified again and said I was and then got my withdrawal processed, i then selected bank transfer since I was now able to withdraw using that since my bank statement/form was verified thus allowing me to use the bank transfer method, I then went to withdraw screen again and withdrew the max allowed $9999CAD, again he stayed with me and got that approved and processed, he asked If I would like to do anymore I said sure and did another $4000 by ecash, he again got it approved and processed this was on Friday May,20th,/Sat May 21st 2022, I tried to do another one but had reached the limit for both methods as when I went to try again it said I’ve reach the daily limit for both methods, so Mitka said for me to come back tomorrow and that chat would have my withdrawals processed for me, again when I woke up the next day Leovegas had sent me An email saying that I again need to verify my account want my ids, sent those in and around 11am that morning they had sent me an emailing saying that I had to send in a picture of 10 prepaid cards, the email said please send in cards; and they listed off 10 cards with the last 4 digits wanting a picture of all 10 prepaid Mastercards, these cards were from about Feb. maybe march im Not exactly sure when I last bought one and used it, but from around 3mths ago; I used these cards so many times at Leovegas and they have never requested them, so I had no idea they would request them months later and never thought to keep them, as I was never asked for them before. They should of asked for them as soon as I deposited with them, I even had issues depositing with them and chat told me that the relevant department said I should buy a new one and try it, if the one I’m using isn’t working; because everything on our  end is good it must be the card provider that’s causing issues with the deposit they said, so they knew at that time I was using them and had no issues and never asked for them, it wasn’t until now that I won and wanted to withdraw my money, that all of a sudden they are requesting that I send the cards in. I’ve received all my ecash 4K withdrawals but havnt receieved my $9999cad bank transfer, I still have $8300 roughly in my players account that I can’t even withdraw, I have no idea what I’m suppose to do regarding those prepaid disposable Mastercards, I’ve tried several times, to email Leovegas and havnt got any email Reply’s, I was in contact with George from Leo Vegas VIP but I havnt heard from him since Saturday, May 21st. I don’t understand why this casino would not honour a players win, they never had any issue honouring wins but it seems someone at Leovegas is not looking to honour wins for its players but have no problem taking their money from them. Why have a verification process if it’s not followed I was verified for 5 years before this win, and now been verified 3 times, after being unverified after 3 separate withdrawals last week alone; that doesn’t seem fair or logical or right at all. It seems they are hoping that I say screw it and get tired of getting all these reduclous things they want even tho they have everything they’ve asked for already but decide to ask for them again and again, and now they hope that they find something that I can’t provide so they won’t honour players wins. I hope I can get my money that I won fair and square, and I hope they are held accountable for there actions 

please help!

thank you


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